Guerilla Marketing Strategies That Work

The first step in utilizing guerilla marketing strategies for your business understands what they are and why they are effective. A guerilla marketing strategy is one that combines a unique perspective and low-cost to produce and unconventional marketing method. As a result of the new and “out of the box thinking” your business receives maximum […]

Five Elements of Good Wearable Technology

When I recently told my kids I owned wearable technology thirty years ago, they thought I was the coolest dad in the world. Then, I showed them my old cassette style Sony Walkman. Needless to say, opinions changed quickly. Today, wearable technology is yet again one of the fastest growing industries and we are just […]

How iPads At Trade Shows Can Increase Sales

Trade shows are a great opportunity for every business to improve their presence on the market and make new agreements. Also, signing new contracts with business partners is also one of the possible outcomes of trade show participation. So as to ensure a reliable and high-quality presentation at the show, every business must do some […]

Augmented Reality – Past, Present & Future

Augmented reality seems like a futuristic term and looks like it has been invented very recently. Would you be surprised if we tell you that its use dated back to the Boeing days? The engineers used a screen with virtual lines on top of the wiring cabins and took its guidance to complete the complicated […]

Top 5 Tips ForMarketing Your IT Company In Australia

For a new business venture to succeed marketing is vital as it introduces it to the world. Aggressive marketing is necessary as it is what determines whether the product or service will prevail or become obscure. Here are a few pointers to consider for successful marketing: 1. Branding This begins with a name then progresses […]

Cloud Computing, Key Questions to Understand What It involves

Cloud Computing, what is that?  Many experts, say that cloud computing is the most important technological revolution in our history. In fact, this theory, see Jordi Torres analyzed by the book ‘Business in the Cloud’, published recently, where the effects that caused the observed cloud computing. Cloud computing, known as “cloud” is a service that enables network computing. […]

The Best Way to Get Client Referrals

Are you itching to get client referrals? Are you the one who craves for clients to have a positive word of mouth to your brand and products? If so, you should know more about promotional merchandise. Promotional merchandise is the best way to get client referrals. You want to know why? It is because of […]

Be a Proud Owner of HTC Butterfly 2

Smartphone makers HTC happen to be underdog in mobile space being dominated by likes of Apple and Samsung presently. They continue to be relevant in this landscape and have come up with their flagship phone HTC One M8. But it was felt by many people that its certain qualities particularly 4- megapixel “UltraPixel” camera was […]

How to Move Product Like Amazon Without Spending Like Them?

For people who are trying to figure out ways to get rid of books, movies, music and electronics they no longer want, online marketplace sites (ex. Ebay, Amazon, Go Hastings, Half and Craigslist) may seem like the obvious way to go. However, minus Craigslist, the fee attached to listing or selling a product may make […]