Cloud Computing, Key Questions to Understand What It involves

Cloud Computing, what is that?  Many experts, say that cloud computing is the most important technological revolution in our history. In fact, this theory, see Jordi Torres analyzed by the book ‘Business in the Cloud’, published recently, where the effects that caused the observed cloud computing. Cloud computing, known as “cloud” is a service that enables network computing. […]

The Best Way to Get Client Referrals

Are you itching to get client referrals? Are you the one who craves for clients to have a positive word of mouth to your brand and products? If so, you should know more about promotional merchandise. Promotional merchandise is the best way to get client referrals. You want to know why? It is because of […]

Be a Proud Owner of HTC Butterfly 2

Smartphone makers HTC happen to be underdog in mobile space being dominated by likes of Apple and Samsung presently. They continue to be relevant in this landscape and have come up with their flagship phone HTC One M8. But it was felt by many people that its certain qualities particularly 4- megapixel “UltraPixel” camera was […]

How to Move Product Like Amazon Without Spending Like Them?

For people who are trying to figure out ways to get rid of books, movies, music and electronics they no longer want, online marketplace sites (ex. Ebay, Amazon, Go Hastings, Half and Craigslist) may seem like the obvious way to go. However, minus Craigslist, the fee attached to listing or selling a product may make […]

Insurance That Plays Major Role on your Finances

Most of you may define insurance as the act of risk transfer by an entity to another body (the insurance company) for a monetary consideration known as premium. Today, I want to open your eyes and hint on financial benefits you may get from some insurance products other than risk coverage. We will mention life […]

5 Reasons Why Employer Don’t Get Back To You after Interview

You might have given a superb interview and feel 100% confident that you’ll be hearing good news from the employer. Few days or even weeks passed and there is a complete silence. What’s going on? Why it is taking so long for employer to call you back after terrific interview? You have to realize that […]

Technology Tattoos

Could technological skin tattoos become an essential tool in communication? It is certainly possible, and something that multiple companies have shown an interest in producing, however it is worth noting that the tattoo would be similar to a data chip attached to the skin, rather than an actual tattoo and there is, as of yet, […]

Latest Auto Parking Technology

Secure car parking and new technology are taking roots in the today’s world. There are new engineering and gear that are used to make cars stops more productively, easy to use and beneficial than any other time in the recent past. Technology is ensuring secure parking which is an in-house, state-of-the-symbolization innovation division to source, […]

How to Recruit and Encourage Bloggers to Advertise Your Products

Blogging is not just fun: it is a real-deal business, with the best bloggers having hundreds of devoted followers, who are willing to buy any product recommended by their “guru”. If you are able to recognize the most important players on the blogging scene and convince them to recommend your products, you can expect to […]

Why the World Needs a Q&A Site for Public Opinion?

Do you like Quora? I love Quora but I must admit that Quora isn’t the ultimate solution to getting information (which is what they claim to be). Quora, or Q&A sites in general, is really good for getting advice from experts. When it comes to public opinion, Quora sucks. In my humble opinion, Quora (and […]